Course Hours: 44 hours

Course Fee: 

Contents of Training:

Basic concept of object oriented programming (OOP) in c#

  • General introduction about web pages
  • Introduction to MS visual studio
  • What tools do we need to build a web page?
  • Introduction windows application
  • Introduction to asp.net
  • List and collection
  • Conditions and loop
  • Client side VS Server side

Data structure and algorithm

  • What is data structure?
  • Basic concept of an application
  • Application life cycle
  • Different type of diagram for a complete project

Programming in html5 with JavaScript and css3 and bootstrap

  • Introduction to Html, CSS, JavaScripts
  • Html element, attributes, formatting and Layout
  • Html Form and Media and many more
  • CSS selector and references
  • CSS responsive and all task need to modify an application
  • JavaScript operators
  • JavaScript Form, object and function and Jquery .
  • Introduction to bootstrap


Designing and implementing Microsoft SQL server database 

  • Introduction to MS SQL
    1. What is SQL
    2. Variable in SQL
    3. Data type in SQL
    4. SQL Installation
  • Advance SQL Programming
    1. View and index
    2. Store Procedure
    3. Function
    4. Trigger

Developing Asp.net MVC 5 Web Applications 

  • Introduction asp.net MVC
  • ASP.NET MVC Architecture
  • Defining the Model
  • Routes and URLs
  • Controllers and Actions
  • Views
  • CRUD  operation
  • HTML Helpers
  • Data Validation
  • Authentication and Authorization

Developing a complete Project with MVC 5