Conducted By:  Md. Anisur Rahman

Number of Classes: (4 months – 60 Hours)

Contents of Training: 

  • Introduction to the Web Design Course
  • Web Design Fundamentals
  • Mobile Design Fundamentals
  • HTTP Fundamentals
  • Text and tools based web layout
  • Image optimization
  • Recognize the importance of HTML
  • HTML components
  • Recognize different HTML elements
  • Recognize the importance of form. Identify form elements
  • Know about advance HTML
  • Recognize and implement graphics and media elemets
  • Understand the requirements and benefits of CSS
  • Learn how to define CSS
  • Identify and appy inline CSS
  • Identify and appy internal CSS
  • Identify and appy external CSS
  • PSD to HTML
  • Understand OOP (Object Oriented Program) language
  • Explore form elements
  • Object building in JavaScript
  • Management of events
  • Understand why and when to use jQuery
  • Learn how to run jQuery code for HTML
  • Understand the advantage of using events
  • Understand the advantage of using effects
  • Manipulate multiple properties
  • Make interesting and attractive web pages
  • “Become familiar with some basic WordPress terminology and Admin Panel.
  • Identify the use of content, media and site management.
  • Be familiar with design concepts. Creating content pages and hierarchy.
  • Learn about blocks and themes.
  • Seamless Integration for WordPress
  • Design own portfolio