Do you have a lot of innovative, original ideas on what would look best on screen?
Turn those ideas into an actual piece of well-edited film. A well-experienced tutor will teach you all the essential techniques you need to raise the quality of videos and transform raw footage into a professional final product. Even if you’ve already dabbled in some video editing before, take your skills up a notch and learn the ins and outs of editing like a pro using popular software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects with this course.

Conducted By: Shahariar Kabir

Number of Classes: 16 + internship  6

Contents of Training:

Adobe Premiere Pro
1. Introduction to Video Editing.
2. File Organisation.
3. Sequencing and Editing.
4. Video And Audio Transitions.
5. Green screen removing Chroma Key.
6. Multipoint Edit & Colour Correction.
7. Creative Techniques.
8. Rendering and Exporting.
9. video studio setup.

Adobe after effects
1. Motion Graphics.
2. Masks, Keying and Compositing.
3. AE Animation Basics.
4. Basic Expressions.
5. Rendering and Exporting