Course Duration: 72 Hours (36 Class )

Contents of Training:

1.Introducing to Graphics

  • What is Graphics?
  • Introducing to Adobe Photoshop
  • What is Future of Graphics Design?


  • Knowing About Photoshop
  • Know Photoshop’s Tools

3.Tool’s Usage

  • Usages of all tools(Ciliping.Path Selection)
  • Color Theory

4.Photo Editing

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Manipulation

5.Logo design

  • Simple Logo design

6.Design Project

  • Poster Design Project
  • Business Card Design Basic


  • Introduction to Illustrator
  • Importance of Illustrator

8.Tools Usage

  • Usages of all tools


  • Designed Project using Illustrator


  • Banner Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Advance Logo Design

11.Create Account for Freelancing

12.How get Work?

13.Communication with Client.

(Class Test Depend on Class Teacher)