In today’s marketplace computers are a part of daily life for almost everyone in an office setting. Many people spend hours on projects that could take minutes if they had the necessary training to expedite their day to day tasks. Willow Glenner’s Microsoft Office for Professionals course contains courses in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that will make you exceptional and special from others in you professional life.


One of the most eminent and widely used tool boxes in MS Office is Microsoft Word. Although you may think that as a word processor, it is used for writing and formatting text, but it’s not restricted to just that. Latest tools help you add pictures, charts, graphs and videos to the Word 2013 document. While it has traditionally been used to print paper documents, it can also create web pages, email, blogs, and different types of content meant for online use. Certain functionalities also allow you to share documents with other users and let multiple users work simultaneously on one document. MS Word helps you to quickly create, author, edit, format and publish documents efficiently for enterprise and personal use. In Microsoft Office for Professionals course, we will train you all those techniques up above.

Total Course: 12 hours [06 classes]

Course Objectives

At the end of Professional training on Microsoft Word, participants will be able to:

  • Manage, enhance, review, share & customize documents.
  • Protect documents.
  • Create and manage complex & interactive documents.


At the end of Professional training on Microsoft Excel, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basics of worksheets
  • Format worksheet data
  • Insert & work with table, charts and graphics
  • Enhance Excel 2010 workbooks.
  • Use the advanced features of Excel 2010.
  • Customize Excel 2010.
  • Work with external data.
  • Automate workbooks.

At the end of Professional training on Microsoft Power Point, students will be able to:

  • Understand basics of work & manage of the PowerPoint 2010 environment.
  • Creation of PowerPoint 2010 presentation by adding text boxes and tables.
  • Using text boxes, tables, and multimedia
  • Finalize and deliver a presentation
  • Customize the PowerPoint 2010 environment user interface and elements.
  • Add information, multimedia elements, and animation enhancements to a slide show.
  • Finalize a slide show and prepare it for delivery

Course Outline

Microsoft Word:

  • Explore Word
  • Edit and Proofread Text
  • Change the Look of Text
  • Organize Information in columns and Tables
  • Add Simple Graphic Elements
  • Preview, Print and Distribute Documents
  • Insert and Modify Diagrams
  • Insert and Modify Charts
  • Use Other Visual Elements
  • Organize and Arrange Content
  • Create Documents for Use Outside of Word
  • Explore More Text Techniques
  • Use Reference Tools for Longer Documents
  • Work with Mail Merge
  • Collaborate on Documents
  • Work in Word More Efficiently

Microsoft Excel:

  • Setting Up a Workbook
  • Working with Data and Excel Tables
  • Performing Calculations on Data
  • Changing Workbook Appearance
  • Focusing on Specific Data by Using Filters
  • Reordering and Summarizing Data
  • Combining Data from Multiple Sources
  • Analyzing Alternative Data Sets
  • Creating Dynamic Worksheets by Using PivotTables
  • Creating Charts and Graphics
  • Printing
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks by Using Macros
  • Working with Other Microsoft Office Programs
  • Collaborating with Colleagues

Microsoft Power Point:

  • Explore PowerPoint 2010
  • Work with Slides
  • Work with Slide Text
  • Format Slides
  • Add Simple Visual Enhancements
  • Review and Deliver Presentation
  • Add Tables
  • Fine-Tune Visual Elements
  • Add Other Enhancement
  • Add Animation
  • Add Sounds and Movies
  • Share and Review Presentations
  • Create Custom Presentation Elements
  • Prepare for Delivery
  • Customize power Point