About the Course:

You have skills, and want to learn how to make money with your skills, right? We design a course to build your successful career in online Outsourcing. It will cover the whole outsourcing process, starts from the basics knowledge of outsourcing. The course is designed to enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued and utilized both within and beyond the workplace. Give a shot ASAP.

Course Duration: 20 Hours (8 Class * 2.5 Hour)

Contents of Training:

  • Outsourcing Basics: Welcome to the Course.
  • Freelancing Basics: What does Freelancing mean? Why should you do it?
  • Pros and Cons of Freelancing.
  • Skill Set Findings.
  • Following your Passion.
  • Defining Goals.
  • Creating Freelancing Profile.
  • Online Fraud Activities.
  • Profile Security.
  • Profile Verification.
  • Marketplace Account Issue: Termination & Block.
  • Account Termination: IP Conflict Issue.
  • How to make a Catchy Profile.
  • Completing Freelancing Profile.
  • Make your own Webpage.
  • Portfolio Creation.
  • Professional Certification.
  • Secret behind Successful Bidding.
  • How to convince your Client.
  • Intro to Communication.
  • Importance of Social Media.
  • Importance of Online Presence.
  • How to Convince Marketplace Agent.
  • Successful Bidding Process.
  • Handle your Job.
  • Your Ratings & Clients Review.
  • How to be a Smart Freelancer.
  • Business Relationship with Client.
  • Online Professional Manners.
  • Payment Method Integration: Payoneer/Payal/LB.
  • The Last Class: What’s Next for You?
  • Test