Number of Classes: (3 months )

Contents of Training:

Class 1: Introduction to Android Development Course

Class 2: Java Basics
Object Oriented Concept, Java Basics: Data Types, Conditions, Loops, Arrays, Classes and Objects, Inheritances, Encapsulation

Class 3: Main Building Blocks of an Android Application
Project structure (directories), Manifest, Resource directories, Log, Android Development environment setup

Class 4: Component introduction, Activity, life cycle, View, Intent.

Class 5: Basic Android User Interface
Layouts, Widgets: Button, TextView, EditText, Material Design, Event listeners.

Class 6: Customized Action Bar, ScrollView, TabWidget, Screen size and screen orientation.

Class 7: Advanced Android User Interface
OptionMenu, CheckBox, DatePicker/TimePicker, ImageButton, RadioGroup/RadioButton, Dialog, Alert.

Class 8: Advanced Android User Interface
Customized ListView, Customized Gridview, Customized Adapter

Class 9: Advanced Android User Interface
Fragment, Navigation Drawer.

Class 10: Advanced Android System Components
Context, Application, BroadcastReceiever, Services, SharedPreference.

Class 11: Advanced Android System Components
AsyncTask, Handlers.

Class 12: SQLite Database
Introduction to SQLite, Creating, opening, and closing a database, CRUD operation.

Class 13: SQLite Database
Cursor, ContentValues, Complex Queries.

Class 14: Multimedia and Content Providers
Simple media playback, Simple video playback, setting sound in an App.

Class 15: Data Parsing & Server Communication
XML and JSON Parsing, JSON sending and receiving, connecting with a web server

Class 16: More advanced topic
working with Map, Social Login

Class 17: Project discussion, Project Design, Brainstorming session

Class 18: Project submission and presentation

Class 19: Adding AdMob ad in App, Publishing an App in Play Store